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Before She Was Gone

Before She Was Gone

There once was a girl
That many did know.
She was not alone,
But she felt she had nowhere to go.

She was all for love and peace,
And now war.
But on the inside,
Her heart was tore.

She felt so alone,
And her self-esteem was low.
And many still wonder,
Why didn't they know?

She had many friends,
And they were just like her.
But what they felt was different,
Happy is what they were.

And when she was gone,
They didn't understand why.
The only thing they
could do was cry.

They felt alone without her,
her space could not be filled.
For that friendship,
They could no longer build.

And now they go on without her,
and they are very sad.
They say if she were here,
They would all be glad.

Now that she is gone,
She is missed by all.
If only she had known
Before she took her fall.

If only they could have told her,
Before she was gone.


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