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Enjoy Making A Difference

Give yourself something of real value today. Give yourself the gift of

Decide today to find enjoyment and fulfillment in whatever you happen to be
doing. Decide to simply and honestly enjoy the real person you are.

Look beyond the mere fleeting pleasures and set your sights on real,
substantive enjoyment. Enjoy yourself in a way that says yes to life and to
those things that are deeply important to you.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you must feel guilty about
enjoying each moment. For the more you truly enjoy and find real fulfillment
in what you’re doing, the more you will contribute value and goodness to the
world around you.

The most consistently enjoyable and fulfilling activities are those that
make a positive difference. The more earnestly you seek real enjoyment, the
more you’ll find that you’re giving of yourself.

Though the world has many problems, so too does life offer boundless
possibilities for true enjoyment. Enjoy being a part of it all, and in so
doing you’ll make it all that much better.


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