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Our Quest For Happiness and Fulfillment

Nearly all of us – regardless of social status, wealth, age, gender,
race, culture, et cetera – tell ourselves that I could be really happy
if only… What is it Health Money Power Intelligence Spirituality Will
these things really make you happy You’ve heard it before but I’m
telling you again – nothing will bring you happiness if you’re not
already happy. Sounds like a load of hooey and in some respects, it is.
But almost always what we consider a solution to our unhappiness is only
a quick fix. The problem is still there. The person that wins the
lottery is elated but soon goes back into debt (nearly one third of
lottery winners eventually file for bankruptcy – New York Post, 1997).
The person that loses 50 pounds on a fad diet soon regains the weight.
The person that rises in power loses friends and finds happiness only in
self-delusion. There’s exceptions, of course, and maybe you’re one of
those exceptions. Or maybe not.

What is it you most desire Why are you in such need Consider a desire
for money. Are you living within your means Are you using credit cards
to pay bills or buy food Those are problems that might persist even if
you suddenly fell into a fortune. Are you doing fulfilling work Is there
something you desire that requires a great deal of money, like travel or
a house Those are legitimate reasons to want a lot of money but what are
you doing about it Have you researched inexpensive travel, like stand-by
or courier services Have you pursued your dream job

When you think of your needs, what do you do Make wishes to an invisible
genie Light candles and cast spells Wish upon a star Pray Scream out to
the aliens Consider the 6 billion people that live on earth. What makes
you more deserving of a free ride that any of them Why do you plead to
the sky but take no action Chances are, you’re over-whelmed and
confused. Your problems seem insurmountable and inaction feels better
than the thought of taking action. The hardest thing is MOTIVATION

Think about what you want and why you want it. Ask yourself how it will
benefit you, benefit others, what harm it might do, and how much effort
it will take. Prioritize your goals according to the most rewarding and
get busy achieving them. With time, dedication, and motivation, you can
be healthier, smarter, wealthier.

We look at great people – people who have, through merits of
intelligence, creativity and talent, made a mark on history and our
lives – and we marvel. Some of us shrug, accepting our lot in life as an
unfortunate accident of birth. Others aspire but give up too soon,
comparing themselves to their heroes and finding themselves far from
being as great. It’s true that we can’t all be Einsteins but we can be
more than what we are. We can be stronger, faster, achieve a greater
aesthetic ideal, richer, more confident, and, yes, even smarter. Few of
us use our brains to its full potential. We live our lives as if in a
dream. But we can wake up. You only need to want it enough to make an


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