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Work Harder

Can you honestly, in your heart-of-hearts, say that you deserve a pay rise
every year

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to find that most people would say
‘yes’.but if you were to ask their bosses they almost certainly would say


Well.in the workplace at least.we always tend to overestimate our
contribution. I know.I used to. I spent about five years thinking that I
indispensable.until I had to suddenly take a couple of months off.and found
out that I wasn’t.

You KNOW if you are getting in a little late.or taking a long lunch
surfing the Internet instead of working. We all do it. But.it’s how much
do it that has an impact on your future.

Laziness is a habit that is contagious. The more you do it.the easier it is
to do it even more.

Action Point

In what little ways might you be letting yourself down

Sure.you won’t get any thanks for working your best or for turning up that
little bit earlier, but in the minds of those in charge.you will set
yourself apart from everyone else who doesn’t do exactly that!

Plus.it gets you into the habit of working at your best.which is an
amazingly useful habit to have if you want to make more of yourself!


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