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Santa’s Jokes


Q. Why did santa sing take off his clothes while writing exams?

  a. Coz it was written in the paper”ANSWER IN BRIEF”.


Q. What is the height of laziness?

  a. A couple adopting a child.


 Q. What is the height of possessiveness?

  a. Constipation.


 Q. What do you call a woman who knows where her husband is every night?

  a. Widow


 Q. Why americans stop printing stamps with photo of pameela anderson?

  a. Coz people started licking the wrong side of it for pasting them on the envelopes.


 Q. What does 98 stand for in windows 98?

  a. It stands for number of times it hangs in a day.


 Q. Why did banta singh take his pregnant wife to pizza corner?

  a. For free delivery.


 Q. How would you identify banta singh in a submarine?

  a. He will be the only one with a parachute tied to his back.


 Q. What would you call a sardar with just one hair on his head?

  a. Iqbal singh.


once a nun goes for a urine examination and the samples get mixed up. The report indicates she is pregnant. When she gets the report, she exclaims, “oh jesus!! Now we can not even rely on candles”


Q. What did banta singh say when he saw a banana peel?

 a. “oh! I am going to slip again.


Q. Which is the shortest joke?

 a. Santa singh and banta singh playing chess.


Q. Which brother of kalidas makes shoes?

 a. Adidas



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