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How to write in hindi on web page,notepad,word n anyelse

Anybody know how to write in hindi on any web page as we see these days many ppl r writting in english n hindi both !!!! i got a s/w for this but that didnt worked properly on my pc,may b i wasnt able to track it !!! can anybody telll me any s/w for this or any other trick .
You may try Baraha. by using this software you can type in any language Marathi,hindi,gujarathi,
oriya, malayalm,ta mil etc.) in any application that supports unicode. go here:
Here you go : http://www.shahabjafri.com/2005/11/1…thout-any-ime/ Detailed and step by step instructions.
Online no-hassle hindi writers. They work with your english keyboard ina very intuitive matter, so its not difficult to learn.
 hehe , ok so i managed to write in hindi, So finally all the info you need to write in Hindi

1.Step by step instructions for enabling hinidi support in xp/2000: http://www.bhashaindia.com/Developer…pt/OSlevel.htm
Note the good thing is that once you enable this you can simply use shift+alt to switch between hindi and english

2.Order a Free cd : http://ildc.in/hindi/hindex.aspx – plenty of hindi software for free.

3. Make sure read Indyan’s post & download Hindi writer


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