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Metastock Question

While working with intraday charts I find chart periodicity between 1 min to 60 min . My question is how can this periodicity be changed to get a chart say of 90 min or 240 minute ?
My second query is regarding macd . how can I change macd parameters
to say 20,10, 10 or 8,13, 8 or whatever I like?


I think you cannot convert the periodicity of an intraday chart to more than one hour.

and for macd, take this code.

shortperiods:=Input(“Enter the shorter EMA periods: “,3,2000,12);
longperiods:=Input(“Enter the longer EMA periods: “,3,5000,26);
signal:=Input(“Enter the number of signal line periods: “,3,50,9);
Mov(Mov(C,shortperiods,E) – Mov(C,longperiods,E),signal,S);

(( Mov( C,shortperiods,E ) – Mov( C,longperiods,E ) ) – Mov( ( Mov( C,shortperiods,E ) – Mov( C,longperiods,E ) ),signal,E ));

try 50,100,20 on 5 mins chart.It works quiet well.


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