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Install O.S without Formatting ur Drive

I don’t know if this tutorial will help anyone but it helped me….
In this tutorial I will show u a way to install ur OS without formatting ur drive….coz formatting a drive reduces its life..
First chose a live linux CD/DvD…I recommend Puppy linux coz its easy to use…
Then burn it on a CD/DvD…
Backup everything in ur OS drive to some other partition…..this includes my documents,my pictures,my music,desktop etc.
Now reboot ur pc with the live cd in the optic drive(set the 1st boot device to cd/DvD rom)
Now let linux start…it might take a while……
Now click on drives and then mount it….
Then delete the following folders “Windows” “Programfiles”‘Doucments and Settings” in the OS drive….
After that is done reboot ur PC with the Windows XP CD in the optic drive……..
Now during the XP setup select the same drive…..
Now select “Keep the current file system intact (Do not format)”
Now just continue with the XP setup…
U should be done……………………….
In this way u are installing ur OS without formatting ur disk as formatting reduces the drive’s life
NOTE:Before deleting ur OS first check if u are able to use the linux distro..
Do not delete the MBR files

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