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Bad Sectors

my hard disk has developed bad sectors in one of the four partitions.the os is not installed in that partition but there is lots of data and songs stored in it.is it harmful to store data on a partition having bad sectors.will the bad sectors increase if i access that data? will they transfer to other partions?
someone told me that the os should not installed on bad sector partition but one can have other data on it. is it true?
Yeah. Bad Sectors are always a big problem. You are right don’t installed any OS on the partition where bad sectors exist, and keeping important data on the same partition is also dangerous.
Yes, bad sectors will increase, you can collect all the bad sectors and dumped in a separate partition, thats the only reliable solution.
On the other hand there are some software claiming they can repair bad sectors but they are simply not efficient. In a nut shell not all the bad sectors can be repaired.
And bad sectors wouldn’t transfer to other partitions afaik.

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