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wallet365.com first of its kind

this is a interesting site (www.wallet365.com). I saw it in today’s economic times, infact it is launched by indiatimes group.

A brief info about wallet365

Wallet365.com, India’s first e-Wallet is a revolutionary new service that lets you pay anyone, anywhere. It lets you store money, shop online and even receive money. Wallet365.com is absolutely safe, instant and convenient. All you need is a valid email ID. It secures you from the dangers of online credit card fraud.

Send money to anyone
No need to mail cheques! Don’t bother with bank details! Just enter their email address! And it’s INSTANT!

Receive money from anyone
Instantly get money to your account! All a sender needs is your email ID! Choice of 3 ways to receive money! And it’s FREE of charge!

Pay for online shopping
No need to use credit cards! Keep financial information safe! Make payments as low as Rs. 1! And it’s FREE of charge!

Become a Merchant
Take your offline business online! Single window for many payment options! And acquire LOTS of customers!


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