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Free storage space on internet ?

Is there any website on internet providing free uploading and storage of important files on the internet may be more then 10 mb of size [ because email services can handle this much amount of space as attachments ] , or there is any program which can divide and then pefectly join any kind of file into peices of required sizes ,if there is any such program , please [ if possible ] elaborate it’s working ?? .
u can use gmail or 30gigs
gmail:2gb & counting
30gigs:30 GB inbox
rest uploading services like magaupload are temp & unreilable
You can use WinRAR to split files… search, thats been written over a thousand times
Else use Elephant Drive from Amazon.
It provides unlimited storage to beta testers.
But alaways upload files as password protected archives.
also try www.bestsharing.com Lots of features compared to others!

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