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how to convert html pages to pdf or any ebook???

I have over 100 webpages saved.now can i make a pdf book or any ebook like that of Help which has contnets tab etc.so that i can easil;y store & go through the page s i saved
go to the following url and download the shareware version of “click to convert 5.5” and do ur job.http://www.clicktoconvert.com/index.html
If you have MS Office, make use of Binder tool (you may have to install it as a component)… That will give you easy way to create related document set… If you have OpenOffice, open the HTML in document window and use convert to pdf option…
If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro then you can do it directly from there.
If you don’t…….then get PDF995 or cutePDF or similar apps and then u can achieve what you want to achieve !!

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