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Is there Any Way to Extract Audio from a Video Song..

If there is any way or some software thru wich i can extract audio from a video song.. Please help me wid this..

For eg:- I wanna extract the song Kajra Re 4m the video song of Kajra Re… So how to do it..

Please help me.. I wil b thankful to all…

Ans 1 : Yes you sure can. Google and download total video converter.. though tis a trial of a month of so, this is the best sw to convert/extract anything from anything.. give it a shot
Ans 2 :  i find VCD cutter the best 1……..it directly extracts audio from video files that also in mp3 format…..but u will hav to buy full version  … but atleast u can try it out from DIGIT’s CD/DVD this month or may be last issue…..i dont remember….
u can try out demo version
ofcourse it has some drawbacks in demo version…..
Ans 3 : You can use VirtualDub software to extract the song(audio) from the Video.
Ans 4 : VCDCutter works gr8 for me…


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