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SuperSync 1.1

 License: Freeware
 Price: FREE 
 OS: Windows All
 Size: 4.46 MB

gives you the flexibility and freedom to carry all your songs with you,
whether you’re on the go, visiting a friend, or on vacation.

At home. At work. On the laptop.
On your iPod. If you’re like most people, your music follows you
wherever you go. But what happens when you want to play a song on your computer, only to discover that it’s stored on a different machine?

SuperSync acts as your music collection’s central hub, retrieving,
organizing, and syncing up all of the different files across your
machines for one consistent, complete library. Through SuperSync,
you’ll be able to instantly retrieve a song you left on your laptop,
play a song from your home computer while you’re at the office, or copy your entire music library on to a new computer.

When you download SuperSync, you get:
· An all-access pass to your library: Tired of burning songs to a CD or
emailing files to yourself just so you can listen to them? That’s a
thing of the past with SuperSync’s library sync-up technology!
· Easily compare and merge two music libraries. See what tracks are
missing, select them, and click “Synchronize” to begin merging the two
· A basic audio player: Organize, sync-up, and play all of your songs
directly from SuperSync — no external player required for MP3 and M4A
music files!
· iTunes compatibility: SuperSync supports both MP3 and iTunes (.M4A) song formats, including an iTunes compatible network
jukebox. M4B files (protected by Apple’s DRM technology) can be
transfered by SuperSync but needs to be played on your iTunes or iPod.
· Complete back-up functionality: Quickly and easily create a back-up library on a separate computer.

Best of all, it’s easy to download and simple to use, meaning that in
just a few minutes, you can sync your music library and enjoy your
favorite music anywhere you are.


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