1)First mistake is fear because of lack of knowledge with this comes
two things :

Why it is happening
when it is going to

2)Exiting when you are not supposed to exit and entering
when you are not required to enter in a particular

3)Counting on blessings and prayers if you are in this
category believe me you trying to jump from a hill without any safety rope

( Just imagine a million people entering into a trade and half of them
praying for market to go down a lil bit so that the short positions they have
created they can exit in profit and half of them praying to market to go up
because of a long position they have created they can exit. Imagine what God
gonna think of these situation. He may say “you all gone crazy on the other
place he might ask “who the hell has told you to catch the tail of a running
elephant” Don’t put God in a confusion beacuse it was your

4) He calls this mistake illusion judgment: Spell
bound with an imagination this stock is bound to go up and it will go up and one
still wait and wait suddenly the stock enters into the red territory and one
just stands there spell bound not believing not ready to accept and still
waiting . That’s a deadly mistake.

5)Not doing the homework and
entering into the danger zone on some dump shot recommendation and tips out of
10 dump shot 2 or 3 works and when rest 7 shots go wrong on a particular day it
takes out the entire effort of the previous week how sad….!!

I still
remember there was ones a person called Jai Reddy this guy I saw him trading
daily one or two trades everyday and profit 10 to 20 K take home I said wow!!
What a man I once asked him he used to sit at brokers terminal all day.
do you do it,
he said to me u trade I said yeah!! From where I said online
he said: well dear internet I don’t know how to place a trade I have a habit of
coming everyday to this dealer I just love the terminal you Know…..I said how he
does it ….well just ignored me but I was after him everyday so one Saturday I
caught him near a tea stall so requested him and he gave me 5 rules to follow
I just gave above……

His words I still remember he
used to say: Your mind is a chart and your memory is a terminal and your
strategy is your dealer who will push the target through”

You can take those
numbers home all you have to do is be quick and leave the greed

Every knew day has its own advantage
after all it’s the eagle who grabs the pray even in the blowing wind it keeps on
flying eyes constant and focused that’s what you need he said. If your eyes are
focused on a scrip everyday each passing day have patience believe me It will
give you the opportunity to grab it…Just try it