This was a phenomenal discovery over 30 years ago. Clearly, by using the 40
different and proven Kenison Counting Numbers so painstakingly identified
through research and confirmed in most cases by biblical references, I could now
exactly pinpoint into the future perfectly defined and extremely powerful 3 day
reversal zones. Or, put another way, I could spotlight identifiable timing
windows. And, all this on any chart for any market at any time!

important to note that the strongest reversal energy always resides in the
center day of the 3 day zone or window. I don’t know why, but the image of
Christ crucified between 2 malefactors came to mind as I worked with this
material. And, as it turns out, the idea of a 3 unit zone or window with the
most powerful reversal energy focused on the center unit became over time an
even more powerful research concept.

Amazingly, the markets literally
hand us top secret timing information at the critical moment for us to use it
for positioning trades in the right direction. This is precisely the right time
to be totally in sync with the flow of market movement.

Now, here’s how
it works. If a market is initially trading down into a 3 day reversal zone, then
we should expect a reversal of some consequence to occur to the upside during
the period of that reversal zone. The anticipated reversal up is then confirmed
and a buy signal is generated on any subsequent day that sees a rally above a
previous day’s high. It couldn’t be more simple!

And conversely, if a
market initially trades up into a 3 day reversal zone, we should expect a
reversal to the downside. The anticipated reversal is then confirmed and a sell
signal is generated by any subsequent drop below a previous day’s low.

Another major plus is that this strategy automatically generates
close-in stops and or stop/reverse points just on the other side of these
recently anticipated and confirmed reversals. This cuts our risk to the bone
while at the same time maximizing profit potential.

It was at this point
that it suddenly occurred to me that what was really happening here in this
march of black bars across price charts was the ongoing record in time of an
unbelievable projection process. This counting progression appears to be
tracking some hitherto unknown energy ripples that radiate forward in time from
high and low reversal points in the past.

My research proved this
process is indeed ongoing. It’s constantly radiating energy off reversal points
in the past which consequently projects three day timing windows or reversal
zones into the future. This amazing reversal energy generates future reversal
points in reliable interval patterns falling precisely on certain specific
number counts which I had now painstakingly identified!

But, how could
this be? All I could imagine was some kind of mysterious wave energy must be
radiating like a beacon off top or bottom reversal points in the past. These
waves are continually moving out into the future in varying degrees of
intensity, set in irregular yet constant intervals and with enough structured
energy to dramatically affect directional turns in any market in exactly the
same manner and timing count sequence. And all this, at precisely and
objectively projected points in time in the future. Whew!

Sit back for a
moment and think about this. The magnitude of this discovery or literal
revelation is mind boggling in it’s implication and absolutely astounding in
it’s import! It’s almost as if the curtain has been ripped back and we’re now
privileged to look lingeringly at the fabric of space and time. We are now
witness to the framework God employs to organize time and event progressions.
Shockingly, it would appear that nothing happens by chance!

Instinctively, I realized this method of market timing could not be
called fundamental or technical analysis. It is rather an entirely new and
unique method of market timing analysis which I dubbed temporal analysis since
it is based on time instead of price. Indeed, I could now see that one of the
greatest hallmarks of the newly named Kenison Counting Numbers is the total lack
of subjectivity in producing such valuable timing projections.

guesswork is ever involved. The Kenison Counting Numbers sequence is easy to use
and understand. It even appeals to those who have never traded before and need
someone to show them the ropes. You don’t need a calculator, computer program or
any kind of specialized foreknowledge. The signals projected are very precise
and completely objective. It’s all right there on the chart. Remember, this is
purely eyeball to chart analysis. The counting numbers pinpoint exactly where
the next reversal energy in the market will be exposed. And correspondingly, you
then know exactly where the next projected reversal should be expected. It’s
that simple. And, where do you get the charts you need? They’re free on the

And, here’s another thing. Kenison Counting Numbers will never
become obsolete. They will continue to work with absolute objectivity for all
the years of you or your grandson’s trading careers. You will be able to
pinpoint exactly within one day of specific future number counts where market
reversals of varying degrees of magnitude should appear.

How do we know
this? Simply because years of exhaustive historical research has proven that
whether you’re looking at constructed charts from the last two centuries, the
1970’s or last week, the analysis would have worked exactly the same in each era
and with exactly the same phenomenal results!

And remember, these are
the very same timing count numbers confirmed historically and through study of
the scriptures to have proven and very definite reversal energy associated with
them. Believe me, after learning the Kenison Counting Numbers market timing
method, you will never look at a price chart the same again.

I was also
extremely gratified to learn through decades of ongoing research that Kenison
Counting Numbers work equally well in projecting future reversal points in any
market anywhere in the world, irregardless of whether it’s a futures, options,
stock, forex or cash market!

So, exactly how do Kenison Counting Numbers

This totally unique and extremely powerful method’s ability to
project important market highs and lows in the future is uncanny. How does it do
it? After decades of personal research, I have identified the irregular number
sequence the market itself observes. Just count the bars on a price chart
forward from any market high or low point in the past and the Kenison Counting
Numbers will tell you exactly on which numbers in the sequence you should expect
powerful reversal energy to be exposed in the future. And, all this is
accomplished with a very high degree of reliability! This allows traders to
anticipate, confirm and then act on potentially profitable trading turns that
the uninformed don’t even see coming or have the slightest idea can be detected
in advance!

With this new life long knowledge, you can spend just moments
with a price chart and know with total confidence what your course of action
should be and with absolute clarity what the potential risks are! There’s no
need to check with anyone first. You’re the expert! Why? Because when you
understand this market timing method you’ll know with quiet confidence what the
market itself is telling you about current trends and potentially explosive
turning points and exactly when to expect them! Your broker will start asking
you for advice. Believe me, I know!

When you see how by simply counting
forward in time you can project important reversal points in the future, you’ll
be hooked! I’ve been hooked now for over 30 years and I’m still fascinated on a
daily basis as I watch these turns occur like clockwork in timing windows
projected weeks and even months before!

Traders can quickly become
expert in using all 40 of the unbelievably powerful Kenison Counting Numbers.

One of the most impressive Kenison Counting Numbers is represented by
Zone 14, especially when using simple triangulation techniques in combination
with other counting numbers to project extremely powerful conjunction and
convergence reversal zones. These special amplified reversals lead to extremely
dynamic high-velocity directional market moves! Other traders marvel at windfall
profits that seem to come out of nowhere. Kenison Counting Numbers is the tool
that alerts you beforehand allowing you the opportunity to profit from these
explosive market moves!

Traders are amazed to discover the natural and
irregular rhythm identified in the markets. It’s a rhythm that is constant and
traces out exactly the same pattern for all markets worldwide! It’s shocking to
see how invariably reversals occur on the same number counts in the Kenison
Counting Numbers sequence over and over again.

Copyright (c) 2006 Bruce
Kenison. All rights reserved.
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