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Firefox PasswordMaker 1.5.1

License: Freeware
OS: Windows All

One Password To Rule Them All!

If you’re like most people, you have a few passwords that you use over and over again on many different websites. You know this isn’t secure, but you do it anyway. Why? Because it’s difficult to remember a unique password for each and every web site that requires one.

PasswordMaker is a useful Firefox extension that manages all your online accounts using either new, uncrackable passwords it creates, or your existing passwords. It even automatically populates webforms for one-click login.

Moreover, passwords aren’t stored anywhere–they are calculated over and over again as they’re needed–so there’s nothing to be lost, hacked, or stolen!


· Firefox 0.7 – 1.5.0 ALL

What’s New in This Release:

· Fixed auto-population of “Other Fields” bug discussed here (introduced in version 1.5).
· Fixed CoolKey and “Populate With PasswordMaker” bugs discussed here and here, introduced in version 1.5.
· Fixed missing eraser image (“Clear Master Password”), introduced in version 1.5.
· Fixed username population bug when “Show all passwords on web page as clear text” is enabled. When enabled, password fields were not always recognized as password fields (introduced in version 1.5).
· Made Account-Specific Settings dialog always-on-top so use of the Auto-Populate tab is easier. Requested here.
· When creating a new account, “When URL Contains” and “Use This URL” are now pre-populated with the current URL based on the same URL components in Default Settings instead of just the entire current URL. Requested here.
· Renamed “Populate With PasswordMaker” menuitem to “Populate This Field” and “PasswordMaker CoolKey” menuitem to “CoolKey” per this post.
· Fixed a bug which permitted the defaults (“default account”) to be dragged-and-dropped into a folder. Placing the defaults into a folder prevents new accounts from being created, and there is no way to move the default account out of the folder without manually editing passwordmaker.rdf…. [ read full changelog ]


Firefox PasswordMaker Download


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