Rules after meal

apples     Protects your heart     prevents constipation     Blocks diarrhea     Improves lung capacity     Cushions joints apricots     Combats cancer     Controls blood pressure     Saves your eyesight     Shields against Alzheimer’s     Slows aging process artichokes     Aids digestion     Lowers cholesterol     Protects your heart     Stabilizes blood sugar     Guards against liver disease avocados     Battles diabetes     Lowers cholesterol     Helps stops strokes     Controls blood pressure     Smooths […]

18 Tips for Dealing With Stress and Tension

Stress and Tension are normal reactions to events that threaten us. Such threats can come from accidents, financial troubles and problems on the job or with family. The way we deal with these pressures has a lot to do with our mental, emotional and physical health. The following are suggestions to get you started on […]

Know the/thy calories

ITEM QUANTITY CALORIES 1 Roasted Papad 1 52 2 Fried Papad 1 142 3 Pineapple Raita 1 Small Bowl 74 4 Potato Raita 1 Small Bowl 67 5 Boondi Raita 1 Small Bowl 163 6 Sprouted Moong Salad 1 Medium Bowl 140 7 Green Salad 1 Medium Bowl 80 8 Coconut Water 1 Glass, 200 […]