रिंगा रिंगा – बाय गो, बाय गो.mp3 Chalati kaa naam gadi both.mp3


्श्क्श्फ़्क्ज्श्फ़्ल्क्स्झ्फ़्क्स्झ्फ़्क्स्ल्झ्फ़्स्ल्द्फ़्झ्स्ल्फ़्क्ज्श्ग्क्ल्ज्श्क्ग् मी राधिका…मी प्रेमिका.mp3

भीमराव पांचाळे – कुछ बीते हुए दिन

भीमराव पांचाळे – ०७ कुछ बीते हुए दिन याद आये.mp3

CUSTOMER CARE IN 2020 ( Funny reading )

डॉ. प्रकाश आमटे यांच्या लोक बिरादरी प्रकल्पाला मदतीचा हात द्या. त्या संबधातले विडीयोज इथे पहा Contact Me Forwarding a funny thing received in a email CUSTOMER CARE IN 2020 Operator : "Thank you for calling Pizza Galaxy Kholi . May I have your…" Customer: "Hello, can I order.." Operator : "Can I have your multi […]


Interviewer :Let me check your word Power… Banta :Ok Sir …. Interviewer : Tell me the opposite of …..good. Banta :hmmmm….. Bad Interviewer : Come Banta : Go. Interviewer : Ugly. Banta : Pichlli. Interviewer : PICHLLIIIII? Banta : UGLYYYYYYYYY. . Interviewer : Shut Up. Banta : Keep Talking. Interviewer :ok now stop these all.. […]

Fwd: Effects of Financial Crisis on Company Logos

Effects of Financial Crisis on CompanyLogos