Cooking Tips

If honey crystallizes

If honey crystallizes in a jar, place the jar in a pan of hot water and heat on the stove until the crystals disappear. You can also use a microwave on medium power. Watch carefully. Advertisements

How to store vegetables for salads?

1. Place the vegetables and fruits in the crisper and refrigerate, removing only unusable outer leaves. To prepare iceberg lettuce for crisping, remove only bruised leaves, separate the leaves properly and place in ice-cold water for at least 25 minutes. 2. Drain the vegetables and fruits thoroughly. Wrap loosely in a clean towel and place […]

How to quickly peel off the garlic skin?

  Before using garlic, soak garlic cloves in warm water for 5 minutes. This will help to quickly peel off the garlic skin. It is especially useful in Indian and Oriental cooking where garlic paste is used abundantly.

How can I make soft chapatis without using water?

 While preparing paneer, do not dispose of the whey as it can be used for making soft chapatis instead of water. Refrigerate this whey and it can be used for preparing paneer the next time.

How can I look after my Teflon coated vessels?

One should keep a few things in mind while using a Teflon or non-stick vessel: a. Never use it for deep-frying. b. Always wipe a non-stick pan with a soft damp cloth. c. If you need to wash it, allow the pan to cool down and then gently wash it with a sponge and mild […]

How does one ripen a papaya?

If the papaya is not ripe, wrap in a newspaper for a day so that the papaya will ripen faster

The kind of potato used varies with the recipe it is used for.?

Potatoes are quite versatile, and a number of varieties work nicely in different preparations. For instance, If you’re aiming for crisp French fries, or patties you must use the ones with high starch content and low sugar content. These are commonly available in the market as chip potatoes and are generally the new potatoes and […]