All of us enjoy having tea. There can be nothing more pleasing during a cold than a hot cup of masala tea.  Preparation Time : 10 mins. Cooking Time : 20 mins.  Serves 2. Ingredients  2 to 3 stalks lemon grass (hare chai ki patti)  4 to 6 mint (phudina) leaves   ½ teaspoon chai ka masala  1 teaspoon grated ginger  2 tablespoons […]


A caffeine free tea made with only natural herbs to soothe your throat and help expel mucus. It is also called kasai or kadha.  Preparation Time : 5 mins. Cooking Time : 5 mins.  Makes 1 cup. Ingredients  1½ tablespoons of spice powder (recipe below)   1½ teaspoons misri (khadi sakhar)  2 tablespoons milk  For the spice powder  ¼ cup coriander (dhania) seeds […]


Cloves, cinnamon and ginger – the 3 ingredients used is this recipe mixed with Kashmiri green tea and flavoured with cardamom is what helps you relieve headache and maintain fluid levels too.Kashmiri green tea is available at most food stores and selected provision stores.   Boiling Time : 10 mins. Preparation Time : a few mins.  Serves 4. Ingredients 4 […]


This colourful salad looks gorgeous, particularly when served on a glass mirror. You can use any combination of fruits and vegetables you like. Cooking Time : Nil.Preparation Time : 20 min. Serves 20 to 25. For the salad 3 teacups watermelon cubes 3 teacups pineapple cubes 3 teacups grapes or peach cubes 3 teacups capsicum cubes 3 teacups cucumber cubes 3 […]


Brimming with the goodness of ragi (nachni), these vegetable-stuffed pancakes are a great substitute for calorie-laden snacks. Cooking Time : 20 mins.Preparation Time : 15 mins. Makes 6 pancakes. For the pancakes ¾ cup whole ragi / nachni (red millet) ¼ cup rice flour (chawal ka atta) Salt to taste For the vegetable stuffing ¼ cup sliced spring onion […]


Kick start your day with this energy boosting treat. Rich in flavour and nutrients, it satisfies aesthetic as well as nutritional demands.The Beet Treat is high in carbohydrates as it contains beetroot, which is the richest source of natural sugars. Apples give this juice good body thus making sure it satiates your appetite. This juice […]


Preparation Time : 10 mins. Cooking Time : 25 mins.  Serves 4. Ingredients  1 cup finely chopped fenugreek (methi) leaves   1 cup toovar (arhar) dal  1 tsp jaggery (gur), optional  ¼ tsp turmeric powder (haldi)  ½ tsp chilli powder  salt to taste  For the tempering  ¼ tsp asafoetida (hing)  4 to 5 cloves garlic, crushed (optional)   2 tbsp ghee / oil  Method  1.  Clean, wash and soak the […]