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How can I become a losing Trader? – Ideas That everybody Can or can’t Use :D

How can I become a losing Trader? – Ideas That everybody Can or can’t Use 😀 Nowadays, trading is becoming more popular than ever. Every year, a massive number of individuals flock to the markets, hoping to make quick money. Lots of individuals are fascinated by ambiguous commercials promising effortlessness and easy entrance to riches. […]

Using Relative Strength or RSI in Trading

Using Relative Strength or RSI in Trading Trading is one of the most interesting, challenging and rewarding businesses. Simply, we are tying to find price patterns that have high probabilities of follow through, then we look to the market internals to check if it makes sense to hold a bullish or bearish trade and, if […]

10 important Commandments for the discipline in trading

10 important Commandments for the discipline in trading These Commandments for discipline in trading should improve your trading success if adopted and followed. They were developed after years of experience from trading in the stocks and option market and from reading hundreds of books and filtering the essence of knowledge from each, and from continuous […]

Rules from the Masters

Rules from the Masters 10 rules each from some financial market heavyweights… makes for some very very imteresting reading, and gives us insights into our own trading/ investing behaviour. For a start: Larry Williams Short-term trading and survival 1. It’s all about survival. No platitudes here, speculating is very dangerous business. It is not about […]

Precision Market Timing…by The Numbers!

Precision Market Timing…by The Numbers! This was a phenomenal discovery over 30 years ago. Clearly, by using the 40 different and proven Kenison Counting Numbers so painstakingly identified through research and confirmed in most cases by biblical references, I could now exactly pinpoint into the future perfectly defined and extremely powerful 3 day reversal zones. […]

video watch-how to not loose money

video watch-how to not loose money gents watch videos understand giant foot prints. rvlv – Discussion forum for Stocks Commodities & Forex Published: rvlv Friday, 15 September 2006 03:13:26

Mistakes in trading by silent masters of Trading

Mistakes in trading by silent masters of Trading 1)First mistake is fear because of lack of knowledge with this comes two things : Why it is happening when it is going to happen. 2)Exiting when you are not supposed to exit and entering when you are not required to enter in a particular stock. 3)Counting […]